Teaching at KPI

Catering to students who have a genuine passion to learn, KPI equips the brightest minds to impact the future.
teaching at kip

What makes KPI a great place to work?

  • Amazing students / Small class sizes (12 students or fewer)
  • Opportunity to teach a wide variety of subjects and age groups
  • A network full of teacher-created resources
  • Creative freedom to personalize lesson plans
  • Special events (i.e., field day, field trips, birthday parties, and more!)
  • Potential for promotion into various leadership positions
  • A large foreign-teacher community
  • A talented and supportive bilingual Korean staff
  • Great location near Olympic Park
  • The unforgettable experiences of a year (or more!) abroad in a great city!

About Us

About Our School

KPI is an elite educational institute in South Korea that caters to advanced English language learners, a large percentage of whom have returned to Korea from living abroad in English-speaking countries. As such, we offer an English immersion program with a unique curriculum that blends Western curricular components with custom-made EFL components. A primary goal of our institute is to develop language skills in accordance with North American grade-level standards while meeting the specific intellectual needs of our students.

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teaching at kpi_our students

About Our Students

KPI has a student population of several hundred students, both returnee and advanced non-returnee. Returnee students have acquired an excellent command of the English language while living abroad and are nearly as fluent as native speakers. Non-returnee students have placement test scores reflecting skill levels sufficient for an English immersion environment. From preschool and kindergarten to elementary grades 1–6, our students are among the best and brightest that Seoul has to offer, and we couldn’t be more proud of them!

About Our Staff

Our teaching staff is composed of highly trained, professional educators from the United States and Canada, carefully selected to foster a dynamic learning environment that enables students to reach their potential. With more than 20 teachers, there is a strong sense of community not easily found in most language academies. In addition to our foreign faculty, we have a large administrative and support staff, full of talented and caring individuals who keep the school running smoothly and are always there to lend a helping hand.

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teaching at kpi_seoul

About Seoul

Located across the street from Olympic Park, we are blessed with beautiful scenery, walking and biking trails, picnic areas, museums, and much more. Our area offers all the conveniences of the big city in a family-friendly environment. The Han River, with its wide variety of recreational facilities, is just a ten-minute bike ride from the park. And if you are looking for more upscale attractions, the great shopping, restaurants, and nightlife of Gangnam are only a few subway stops away.